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I bring years of life and clinical experience to the coaching process. When I'm not coaching I enjoy music, bike riding, reading, creating glass art, and spending time with my wife and adult children.



During the summer months of 2002 my wife and I chose to leave the mission field which had been our life for 12 years. A gut-wrenching decision. Our youngest son was born there and both sons called this archipelago home. As did we. But it was clear it was time to go. 

If it was difficult to up-and-leave the States and go overseas initially, it was even more unsettling to resettle back to the US. Talk about transition. Talk about feeling alone. Traveling solo. 

Ten years later after active involvement in church ministry and attaining a professional counseling degree, it was time for another major move—to the foreign state of Texas. I currently advocate for the best care for missionaries and their families, combining my passion for caring for people with my cross-cultural experience. 


Reflecting back, I endured both of these major transitions alone: No coach. No consistent guide. No one to walk alongside. It's funny how times of hopeful aspiration also often include loneliness. In hindsight, I wish I had sought out a mentor. I could have done better. In your transition you can do better.



Let me walk in tandem with you as you determine your next steps--whether a respite from work, a transition from one job to another, pre-retirement planning, guidance during a challenge--inTandem will ease your process and maximize your time and your next contribution. 

If you are a couple in transition, my wife and I can walk alongside you and your spouse. This arrangement works exceptionally well as one couple coaches another couple –a double tandem, if you will.


Ten years in pastoral ministry; twelve years overseas ministry experience. 

Masters degrees in both Counseling and Intercultural Studies.

Licensed as a Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, now Texas, since 2010.

Credentialed for administration of Prepare-Enrich Profile, Birkman Method, 16pf Personality Profile, Cerny-Smith Stress Assessment; also offer Clifton StrengthsFinders, oneLife Maps, Myers-Briggs, others.

In my leisure time I enjoy freshly ground single origin coffee, reflecting with music, maintaining cadence on either my road or mountain bike, working out with my TRX, and creating fused glassware. These activities rejuvenate my soul and sharpen my attention for you and your journey. 


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