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Become unstuck.

Let me help.

I want to help you if you feel alone, anxious, or depressed... if relationships are falling apart... if you can't seem to find meaning in life... if you feel overwhelmed or wonder why you feel nothing at all. I am committed to working with you to find emotional and spiritual wellbeing through counseling that is interpersonal and practical. We can explore the intricacies of your life story, your stresses, and the distinctiveness of who you are to discover a picture of how you can live a meaningful life in keeping with values that matter.

My time with you will provide 
an objective perspective to propel your forward momentum, improve your well being, vitalize your relationships, and heal past hurts.  

areas of focus



men's issues

marital communication

relational static

life transitions

sexual abuse

gender issues

premarital counseling

grief & loss

stress management

life coaching

spiritual dissonance

stuck behaviors

adoption acceptance

dealing with infertility

career counseling

Prepare-Enrich administration

Grip-Birkman Report

StrengthsFinders profile

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