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You are about to embark on a new course of work and life. Don't complicate your journey navigating alone. Take a coach along for the ride. Rest assured.


Double your outcomes and maximize each hour you are away from work. Guaranteed.


People hire coaches for any number of reasons. inTandem's three distinctives--listening, storied solutions, and pacing--will bring clarity to your unique situation. Promise.

Transition Coaching

The powerful possibilities which surface during transitions require reflection. Seeking new direction necessitates reflection on both present and past realities, delaying the natural bent towards future planning. Instead, careful reflection about what has transpired in your life and a closer look at your reactions to the challenges along the way will inform your next steps.  Engage with this unique coaching process and reap more benefits for your future work.

What makes inTandem coaching unique:



when working with marrieds my wife assists the process


culling and interpreting anew key points in your story




instilling rhythms and practices of solitude and rest

Ministers work in isolation--don't do your sabbatical in isolation.


Your life as a pastor or missionary is complicated. Only another minister understands your world. Most Christian leaders report feeling alone, particularly missing out on the rewards of reciprocity in relationships. Continual input into others' lives with little return is draining. This type of exhaustion is one of three markers of burn out. Without keen awareness of your limits burn out is inevitable. Emotionally aware board members and ministers recognize the need for sabbatical before a pastor reaches this stage.


I will track with you from the outset of your sabbatical to enhance the outcomes of this special time. A practical planner will assist in setting clear objectives and outline exactly what you will do during your time away. You will more than double your gains if you work in tandem with a coach.

Life Coaching

Your challenge, my work grid.

The myriad challenges we all face will either stymie or stimulate our future impact. Tailoring my three-tiered formula to your unique life situation will propel you toward solutions and next steps.

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