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Arrive confidently. 

Go in tandem.

Major life changes are too hard to go it alone.

The most effective coaching happens during times of transition when the stakes are high, the goal is clear, and there is significant opportunity ahead.   --The Loyalist Team


Keen listening

Endless advice streams from so-called  experts and web searches. You just need to be heard. And you will be.

storied solutions

Solutions often emerge from our own stories. You need a skilled editor to help elicit these solutions. 

 decelerated Pace

Your transition is a journey. Intentionally allow more space to discern your next steps. And enjoy the trip along the way.


My time with you will provide 
the perspective you need to formulate God-led initiatives and move into your best contribution, optimize your vision for your next phase, and vitalize your overall wellbeing. 



Many missionaries and other ministry professionals are inexperienced when it comes to sabbatical. Mark is not. He understands the disruption, rest, examination and exploration that is needed to move forward. 


It is clear that God has gifted Mark for this specific form of ministry.  His insightful observations, deeply appropriate questions, and effective suggested action steps all combine to keep you moving forward through the process at God’s pace for you.


He gave me specifics to be working towards and helped me form my desires into measurable ways to move ahead. Certainly he encouraged me as to the person I am and my part in the org, but far more, he gave me some specific ways to move ahead and develop.

Having Mark as my sabbatical coach didn't just transform my sabbatical but gave me direction for the rest of my life on resting and living a balanced life, honoring God both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can't recommend Mark enough. Don't make the mistake I almost made and venture into a sabbatical without a coach!


Dave Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai; author of Being There and Kiss the Wave

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